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How Jews Should Choose in 2020

10/10/2020 10:54:39 PM


Robert Jobrack

No matter where you stand politically, I think we can agree that this election has the potential to inflame emotions to a greater degree than in previous years.   We are a politically diverse congregation living in a politically divided community in a politically divided country.  This creates conditions that can lead to arguments, ruptured friendships and possibly to anger and violence.

This is what each of us should do as Jews living in Fredericksburg leading up to this election and in its aftermath:

·We should -- as our faith demands -- be a holy people and a light unto the nations.   Don’t forget who we are.

·We should -- as citizens -- vote.  It is our duty as Americans. Make sure you are registered.  If you need help to vote please let us know.

·We must be humble and listen.  Just because we disagree with our friends and neighbors doesn’t mean they aren’t still our friends and neighbors.  Learn their perspective.  Maybe they are right, after all.   In any event, understand them.  Read things outside your own silo of validation

·We must resist the temptation to indulge in lashon hara – speaking ill of others.  Even when we are only talking with those with whom we agree, don’t insult the other side.  Set the tone, always.

·We should be the rational ones.  We can act as an emotional damper around those who are distraught or angry.  Help them take it down a notch.    We must not be the ones who inflame destructive impulses. Yeah, we can question and disagree but  Jews should be trying to add to the debate, not just win the argument.

·By all means, work for the candidates and causes who appeal to you.  Reform Judaism in the U.S. does not mean standing on the sideline.

So how should we choose in this contentious election of 2020?  We should choose to act like a Jews in both word and deed.

Mon, June 24 2024 18 Sivan 5784