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Sisterhood & BST Go green

Sisterhood is helping Beth Sholom Temple to go green in its new Reduce, Reuse, Recycle campaign. For more information, please read the flyer by clicking here.

You can help preserve and protect the earth for future generations in your personal and public life through a few easy steps and why not start here, at Beth Sholom Temple? 

Sisterhood Events

Sisterhood Meetings
All are on Sundays at 12:30 PM in the social hall, unless otherwise noted.



Stop distracted driving

BST Sisterhood joins Women of Reform Judaism

in the Campaign to Stop Distracted Driving

In 2015, Women of Reform Judaism voted to condemn distracted driving. Eliminating distracted driving starts with you. Make the commitment to drive phone-free today. Distracted driving kills and injures thousands of people each year. 

Take the pledge: I pledge not to text or use a hand-held cell phone while driving, and to limit hands-free phone conversations only to instances of absolute necessity.

Distraction also includes eating and drinking, grooming, and adjusting a radio or CD player. Please exercise caution when engaging in these activities while driving.

Click here for our informational flyer.

Why Sisterhood?

Beth Sholom's Sisterhood has a long and vibrant history. From the moment it began it has been instrumental in the many mitzvahs provided by the synagogue and has supplied the Jewish women of Fredericksburg with a safe, healthy community in which to socialize, speak freely, and grow in their faith. BST's Sisterhood is currently undergoing a renaissance and there is no better time to join and get involved! From helping with the children of BST, to teaching, to providing valuable programs to the congregation as a whole, Sisterhood is a worthwhile and welcoming home for any woman, and our membership's background is just as diverse as that of BST.

Check out BST's Sisterhood. You are sure to find a home!

Sisterhood Board members


President - Michelle Swanson

Vice President -  Deborah Snyder

Treasurer - Larraine Whitcomb

Recording Secretary - Amy Altersitz

Corresponding Secretary - Rita Haas

Members-At-Large - Lisa Herman, Sally Cooney Anderson

Sat, November 16 2019 18 Cheshvan 5780