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D’var Torah Vayeira - from Rosh Hashanah Day II

09/28/2022 11:03:11 AM


Allan Grady

Shana Tova!

Cantor’s theme this year is “courage” and “bravery.” To avoid competing with (or contradicting) her, I decided to start with the opposite side: “fear;” or in this case, “fear of God.” The angel says to Abraham: “I know you are one who fears God, (y’rei Elohim) because you did not withhold your son whom you love.”


Roadmap for Elul

08/29/2022 11:04:51 PM


Rabbi Paul Swerdlow


With Rabbi Paul Swerdlow

Elul – A time to complete unfinished business: August 28 – September 25

Our journey begins a month before Rosh Hashanah. We are about to close the page on another
year. Before we do, we have some unfinished business. Begin the month by listing everything
that we would like to accomplish...

Parsha Re-eh

08/29/2022 11:04:24 PM


Robert Jobrack

(Adapted from D’var Torah 27Aug 2022 by Rob Jobrack)

Torah, and particularly the Book of D’varim (Deuternonomy) is full of references to Blessings and Curses, stating that those who fulfill mistzvot (commandments) will be blessed, and those who choose otherwise will suffer curses.   Torah details the blessings and lists the curses that will ensue if we make the wrong choices.    Is Torah really telling us that if...Read more...

Listen, REALLY Listen!

08/26/2022 06:13:30 PM


Mike Haas

Torah Study - Parshat Eikev (Deuteronomy 7:12-11:25)

Let me be so bold as to suggest that the prayer SHEMA collectively contains the most important words in Judaism, but SHEMA is, for many reasons one of the least understood words in our liturgy. The two most famous occurrences of the word SHEMA are in last week's parsha Et’chanan: (Deut 6:4) "Hear O Israel שְׁמַ֖ע יִשְׂרָאֵ֑ל, the Lord our God, the Lord...Read more...

Thoughts on Ukraine and the Russian Invasion

03/10/2022 06:58:13 PM


Robert Jobrack

How Should A Jew in Fredericksburg Feel About Events in Ukraine and the Russian Invasion?

As Americans, we should pay attention.  Any rudimentary knowledge of history tells us two things:

-          The U.S. cannot insulate itself from wars in Europe

-          A military invasion of neighboring country by a large, powerful country does not end with just one...Read more...

Gift Card Scam

03/05/2022 11:02:19 AM


Beware of Scam to Purchase Gift Cards! 

Please beware of unauthorized requests to purchase gift cards.  At least one congregant has received such aRead more...

Our Covenantal Community

02/10/2022 01:57:28 PM


Robert Jobrack

What does it say about a Jewish community that comes together to do a mitzvah for someone they don’t know, a person who does not have a relationship with our congregation?

On February 9,  Sarita London was  laid to rest at Oak Hill cemetery.  She was a Jewish woman living in Fredericksburg with no family in the area.  She was not a member of BST and personally unknown to us.  When her family...Read more...

Giving Back

02/04/2022 11:31:59 AM


Rabbi Bruce Aft

Dear Friends,

It was an influential quote in my lifetime...I was a six year old child and it made a significant impression on me.  I often wonder if I have just heard about it, or whether I really remember the actual quote.  In any event, I want to share it with you.

John Kennedy said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

Why am I writing about that today?  In...

Dues: A Fee or an Investment?

01/31/2022 10:49:06 AM


Robert Jobrack

Why do we each make a dues commitment to a congregation and why bother?

For years in the Reform Movement membership implied certain privileges, like invitations for upcoming events, Religious School eligibility, and tickets for High Holy Day services (though tickets for HHDs are no longer done at BST).  This membership model implies fee for...Read more...

The High Holy Days Food Drive

11/01/2020 11:08:07 PM


Robert Jobrack

Thank you to all those contributed to our High Holy Days food drive.

Between the event held on September 13 when members picked up their prayer books, and October 4 when they returned them, we collected 969 pounds of food and $250.  When Sabina Weitzman delivered the donations the folks running the food bank told her that shelves are empty and they really needed the...Read more...

How Jews Should Choose in 2020

10/10/2020 10:54:39 PM


Robert Jobrack

No matter where you stand politically, I think we can agree that this election has the potential to inflame emotions to a greater degree than in previous years.   We are a politically diverse congregation living in a politically divided community in a politically divided country.  This creates conditions that can lead to arguments, ruptured friendships and...Read more...

Kol Ha Bayit: BST & BLM - A Personal Opinion

06/08/2020 11:07:14 PM


Robert Jobrack

What is our congregation’s position on Black Lives Matter, the protests, the civil unrest,  and the politics surrounding it all? 

If you want the Union of Reform Judaism’s official statement, you can read it here:

One key sentence from that position: “Our country simply cannot achieve the...Read more...

Kol Ha Bayit: Shabbat Shalom During COVID-19

04/03/2020 05:17:33 PM


Rabbi Jennifer Weiner

Rabbi Jennifer Weiner is providing weekly messages to the congregation during this pandemic - you can receive them via a weekly email, or check them out here as archived. Questions or trouble accessing the posts? Contact the office!

Week 1

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Week 9


Kol Ha Bayit: Online Streaming

03/18/2020 09:50:41 PM


Tiina Rodrigue

Please click the below snapshot of this communication to

view and download the entire document.


Kol Ha Bayit: BST Health & Safety

03/10/2020 04:39:49 PM


Tiina K. O. Rodrigue

Sat, December 3 2022 9 Kislev 5783