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Kol ha bayit: leadership and voices

03/11/2019 02:30:38 PM


President Robert Jobrack

Beth Sholom Temple has been around for over 80 years, and a lot of people have served on our Board of Directors. Almost all of them lacked the time, the experience, and the specific knowledge to feel entirely confident in this role, but all did it.

I know: as you read this you are thinking “There is no way I’ll ever serve on the board of directors.” In case you are having trouble articulating your reasons, here are four you can...Read more...

Kol Ha bayit: smile with bst & amazon!

02/19/2019 12:26:03 PM


Treasurer Ellen Grady

Using Amazon Smile Reaps Benefits for BST!

In 2017 and 2018, members who made Amazon purchases using AmazonSmile raised just $232.76.  

Imagine how much more we'd earn if every BST member signed up for AmazonSmile! It's an...Read more...

kol ha bayit: scouting at BST

02/06/2019 11:27:48 AM


Scouting Digest Author, with Lay Leader Mike Haas

Longtime Scout & Member of BST Honored with Write-Up in Scouting Digest

Dick Haas (affectionately known as “The Ancient One” or “TAO” to many throughout NCAC) and his son Mike have over 132 years of continuous BSA Scouting...Read more...

Kol ha bayit: purim festivities with vybs

02/05/2019 12:45:37 PM



For around 15 years, the VYBS youth group has been serving as the organizers and the leaders of the annual Purim Carnival at Beth Shalom Temple. Here are some questions answered by those who are in the youth group who have helped in previous...Read more...

Kol Ha bayit: adult education with isjl

02/04/2019 11:39:49 AM


President Robert Jobrack

Adult Education with the ISJL

Visiting Rabbi Aaron Rozovsky offered an adult education talk on Jews and Slavery in the sanctuary on January 27. Rabbi Rozovsky is the Director of Rabbinical Services at the Institute of Southern Jewish Life in Jackson, Mississippi.

Starting with Torah, Rabbi Rosovsky provided an overview of the Jewish people as slaves and slave owners. He reminded listeners that we...Read more...

kol ha bayit: the mid-year meeting

02/03/2019 01:34:28 PM


President Robert Jobrack

Mid-Year Meeting Highlights

Thank you to all who attended the Mid-Year Congregational Meeting held on January 27th and February 2nd. We tried something new this year: we held the meeting in two different sessions to encourage attendance by members who have busy schedules.

Jim Swanson, Vice President Administration, provided an update on our security situation that has been assessed and updated since...Read more...

Kol Ha Bayit: New Year 2019

01/30/2019 11:07:53 AM


President Robert Jobrack


As we enter 2019 each of us should stop and ask:  what am I doing to contribute? I’ve sent in my membership commitment.  I’ve been driving the kids to Religious School. I lit candles during Chanukah.   I think I am up-to date on dues payments and I sent in a contribution for the end of year appeal.  I’m good, right?

It’s not enough.  

I believe that the future of Reform...

Wed, July 6 2022 7 Tammuz 5782