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Kol Ha Bayit: A Final Word from president jobrack

07/31/2019 01:33:52 PM


Robert Jobrack


I’ll begin with the end:

  • Thank you for the support you’ve given me as President of the Board the past two years
  • Please extend ---or,  better yet, amplify --- this support for our new President, Tiina Rodrigue

I’ve served as President before and both times I’ve always felt that everyone in the congregation was rooting for me.  That’s a great feeling:  to know that while we may disagree or have different priorities, everyone wants things to work out for the best and hopes that the Board can get us there.

I got credit for things that were done by some very hardworking people and I should name them individually, but I know I will commit the unavoidable, unrecoverable sin of omitting some.  Instead, I’ll express my gratitude to these individuals as I see them.

Was I successful?  Got me.  Time will tell.  There is no shortage of things I feel are left undone or incomplete.  I can provide a list if you ask.  On the other hand, we are, I think, more stable financially, more secure physically, and as clear-eyed as ever about where we are thanks to the work of many people.  I tried to show up a lot, show up early and have a good attitude while I was there.   I like to think that’s success of some kind.

Was it fun and did I enjoy myself?  I certainly enjoyed myself at individual events, but I wouldn’t say it was “fun”.  It was fulfilling. There are many things that our religion demands that aren’t “fun” but must get done if we are at all serious about Judaism and its future.  I feel like I contributed something to Judaism at a local level.  I feel proud that I got to represent BST at important events, like the vigils for shooting victims at the Pittsburgh synagogue and New Zealand mosques.

We are a communal religion.  We should show up at the temple and at temple functions, and we should do it with a positive attitude.   It’s fulfilling for each of us, and it’s needed by the Jewish religion.  It may not always be fun, but it can and will make each of us feel better about who we are and what we’re doing.  We’re all too busy; we’ve all got other commitments; we’re all too exhausted; we all have excuses.  Please find the part of Judaism that works for you and exercise it.  If each of us fails to exercise our religion, then how will it survive?

Thank you again for your support the past two years.  Please support BST and please be generous with your time and your energy in helping Tiina as she leads our Board of Directors. 

Mon, June 24 2024 18 Sivan 5784