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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Oneg Shabbat but Were Afraid to Ask

What is an Oneg Shabbat?

The actual meaning of the word, oneg, is “delight” or “joy,”  to enjoy Shabbat, engaging in pleasurable activities such as spending time with family and friends, and eating.   Being a member of BST means you have the obligation of hosting up to two Oneg Shabbat per year.  At the Oneg Shabbat light refreshments are served after our Friday evening services.  On Shabbat, this reception includes challah, grape juice and wine for Kiddush, and a variety of finger foods.

One family or a group of families is assigned the honor of the Oneg Shabbat each week, and a chairperson, if needed,  is assigned to help organize the group. You may choose a personally meaningful date, such as a birthday, anniversary, b'nai mitzvah, in memory or honor of someone, etc.  or you will be assigned a date.

It is a mitzvah to make the Oneg Shabbat a warm, welcoming event in our congregational home.  You are encouraged to take ownership of this honor.  


Hosting an Oneg Shabbat

Oneg Shabbats are a reflection of our warm, caring community and an opportunity not only to break bread together and celebrate Shabbat, but to share in one another's lives at the end of our busy work week. Below are the guidelines which steer each Oneg Shabbat team toward creating a fun and fulfilling Oneg Shabbat experience.


If you are NOT able to participate in your assigned Oneg Shabbat, please notify the chairperson of your group so appropriate arrangements may be made.  It is your responsibility to switch with another family, and to inform the office of this change.  The list of Oneg Shabbat Family assignments is available on the website, through Sign Up Genius. Thank you to all of our BST members for your participation in the continuity of our Oneg Shabbat.

Prior to the Oneg Shabbat, contact all team members to discuss who will bring the necessary items and other refreshments.

Necessary Items: 

Challah, Kosher Wine (red or white), Grape juice (red or white)

Refreshment Suggestions:

Fruit & Veggie tray, Dips & Cheeses, Crackers, Cookies & Cakes, Beverages

Day of the your Oneg Shabbat (prior to services):

1.   Arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the service to begin set-up.  Kiddush tables should be set-up at the entrance to the social hall.  It should contain:

(1) challah on the challah tray covered with the challah cloth; (2) silver Kiddush cup; (3) two small trays filled with small drink cups (one for wine and one for grape juice) for the congregation. Label them accordingly.

2.  The buffet against the wall next to the kitchen should be used for refreshments.  Put out nonperishable items, including the paper products.  

3.   Fill the urn with water and plug in. (requires time to heat up.)

4.  Check with President or Board Representative to see who is closing the Temple after the Oneg Shabbat. Make sure you leave before s/he sets the alarm.

5.   RELAX. Go into the sanctuary and participate in the service.

6.  Return to the kitchen after the Kiddush to complete food setup and preparation. 

During the Oneg Shabbat: Check that there is always an adequate supply of napkins, cups, food, etc.  Remember, you are hosting this celebration!


1. Ask everyone involved in the Oneg Shabbat to take home their leftovers.   

2. There is a cleaning service that cleans up after the Oneg.  All you are responsible for is putting food away and taking any linens home for cleaning. (The cleaning service will vacuum, clean tables, trash removal, dishes, etc.)

3. Let the Temple closer know you are leaving.

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