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Student Rabbi

 Beth Sholom Temple will have a Student Rabbi next year!  Ora Jacobsen, a second year student at Hebrew Union College in New York, will be coming to Fredericksburg one weekend per month from September 2022 through May of 2023.  Her first visit will be in late August or early September.  Watch here for details.

Lay Leadership

Beth Sholom Temple is host to a cadre of talented lay leaders. These members lead Shabbat services and other events, read Torah, deliver sermons, and on occasion, provide musical accompaniment.

Every Friday evening and Saturday morning, a minimum of three individuals are needed for the service -- a Service Leader, a Torah Reader, and a Zoom Producer.  Our Ritual Committee is always happy to train new Lay Leaders for BST and members are encouraged to participate in the program.  Please contact Allan Grady at if you are interested in a role in one of our services.  

Our Board of Directors for 2021-2022

President                    Jonathan Levin                            
VP Administration Larry Wilson
VP Community Life & Activities Michelle Swanson
VP Religious Life & Education Sabina Weitzman
VP Finance Sid Snitkin
Treasurer Ellen Grady
Recording Secretary Laura Rosenthal  
Corresponding Secretary  Robert Miller  
Sisterhood Representative Natalie Wright
At Large Members

    Michael Camber
Lemiel Pierre
David Coman
Tiina Rodrigue


Our Policies

BST has a number of policies relating to Events, Ritual, Learning, Lifecycles, and more. 

Regarding BST Advocacy:

In response to questions raised at the mid-year meeting about how the Board decides which advocacy issues or events to support or participate in, the Board has finalized its policy outlining the criteria it uses and restrictions it must adhere to.  Please contact President Rodrigue with any questions, and remember that any congregant of BST may request that the BoD consider issuing an advocacy statement on any issue.  Moreover, although a BST member may not advocate as an official representative of BST, each member of the congregation is free to express his or her advocacy on any and all issues as a concerned, private citizen, and is encouraged to do so.  Click here to see the policy in full.

Financial Policies

BST has assorted policies regarding funds for donations, budgeting concerns, and other areas that fall under the term "financial". For more information you can click here.

Sun, May 22 2022 21 Iyar 5782